The Mission

Bündnerfleisch has been dried high up in the Graubünden Alps for over a century to give it its iconic flavour. Does the delicacy become even better when it is dried in the stratosphere? The mission crew, who are carrying out the mission on behalf of the Verband Bündner Fleischfabrikanten, wants to know for sure. Supported by experts, the producers of the dry-cured meat speciality are going to launch a high-altitude balloon carrying Bündnerfleisch to heights of about 40,000 metres. After the flight, they will locate the «Mocka One» and sample the meat.

Do you want to witness the mission?

The unprecedented experiment will take place on 13 September 2020. You can watch a live stream of the mission on the Graubünden Facebook page or on the Mission High Dry website. #missionhighdry