Air-dried pork

Bacon and dry-cured ham.
The best cuts of pork.

We make our air-dried pork specialities from selected pieces of Swiss premium pigs. We use a succulent and low-fat gammon to produce easily digestible mountain ham, Grisons dry-cured ham and traditional dry-cured ham. We make tasty dry-cured bacon from the lean sides of the belly and we turn the marbled neck into Coppa.

We cure the pieces of meat, seasoned with herbs and mixed spices prepared specially for the pork, together with curing salt, for several weeks. We then allow the meat to improve in flavour for 2 to 6 months in the clean mountain air. The natural air-drying technique removes almost half of the liquid from the pork, making it tender and tasty.

Naturally air-dried pork can be kept for several months if stored in a cool place. It is nutritious and contains essential amino acids, minerals and most Group B vitamins.